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Review: Harmony Hub is a smart solution and very affordable

ImageThis little device has become one of our company’s newest smart solution device and we would explain the easy set up, solution and affordable price which has make the Harmony Hub stand out from their competition.


From its presentation the Harmony Hub has been introduce to the market, because its a versatile product, meaning you can add devices and it can be control from one remote, it will play just as a regular universal remote, but it introduces as well the hub, which is a IR unit.., so that we won’t get complicated with this terms, plain words will describe this unit as a processor to get the remote commands even if the equipment is somewhere else in the house, it is connected throughout the Wifi signal in your house so it will need some programing, but at the end it will play like a charm.


Another reason why this device is efficient for smart connectivity is the price, this unit is been sold for a couple of hundreds, units compare for this same options will easily go out for thousands of dollars and a lot of programing which means having a professional do the work and charge you for it, usually programers for this unit are charging $200 hourly, so this is a tremendous advantage, it will still require a technician who understand basics on Wifi and running some wires, but you can have this unit up and running for probably less than a thousand dollars, big advantage for economy now a days.


This unit most quality advantage could be that is smart devices ready, meaning there is an app for this, imaging been able to control the music all around your house with your phone or tablet, it sounds too good to be true, but it is what it is, systems like this 10 years ago will cost your over 10k, 4 years ago 5k, now a days +/- $300, so for people that enjoys music or its house, this is a must have, it is so easy to use and the fact of being able to control everything from the touch of your hands had never been this affordable, later we will go to the throttle shouting that i myself had encounter with this device, but in average i will give this device 10+.




In prospective this unit will make your life a lot easier, its connectivity it very sophisticated, it gives two great features, i have not seen a unhappy customer with this device, its just very good to have at home, i have been checking lately online about users that had some problem with it and i recheck them at our office for video use, probably i will link some videos to our youtube channel about this problems, but since you are here i will explain to you, because they are very easy to fix.


First problem i have found its the connectivity, if you are getting only internet and you bought a Wifi box for home, the first problem you are going to get is the commands delay on the smart remote, the actual remote its about %20 less effective, but if you are using a phone or tablet then you will probably get like a %80 delay and that is going to be very frustrating, firs thing to do will be to call you internet provider and ask them what percent of data you are using a month and then when you were in use of this device, check the difference and see if they can boost the signal, this been the easies solution of all, you can also get a router by your own only dedicated for the smart remote, you can also ask your provider for a wifi booster which means it will send the signal of your internet 10x faster for wifi users, this will complete the process for the delay problem.


Another problem you might encounter with this unit is that if you have all your equipment somewhere else over 10ft then both remotes won’t be able to connect to the hub very often, they both send commands and the hub waits for the signal then the hub sends the commands to the IR transmitters and from there to your equipment, a requirement to do if you have this problem is to move the hub to a closer position and have some extenders move to the equipment placement, this will erase any problems with the connectivity %100 guarantee.




Third and last problem, where can you get the extenders, they are impossible to get on the harmony online store, but that is not a problem at all, you might spend over $20 for all that you are going to need, Mono audio extenders will do the trick and some adapters for 3.5mm to 2.5mm, this works %100 guarantee, i have built three racks over 13 devices connected to this remote, 4 areas for audio 3 for video and it all works, please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.


Overall this unit have prove to be an outstanding unit, there is nothing around in the market that can compare to the price and to what is capable of doing, i will recommend this for all customers before getting into Creston or other related units, there is still some problems about this product, but nothing than can be solve with a couple of dollars.



Jorge Areche


(310) 490-4073


Got stock with 2 HDMI's?

This problem has come lately to my attention as i got more and more customers with this same difficulty of not having enough HDMI’s connection on their $1200 TV, how could this big companies just implement 2 connections for a TV that will be use for 3 components or more, well after a hard research on the internet, first option will be a $300 receiver which will give you the option of having a couple of HDMI’s connection to your components, we are adding more money to a TV that costed just over 1k, not a good option for the economy right now, how about splitters, NOT A GOOD OPTION, some or most of them come with 2 or 3 connections and they need to be powered, that is going to be a problem, add another remote to your already headache control system that will const with 3 or more remotes, forget it, needles to say HDMI’s amplifier is not an option at all, prices are over $100 + remote and power, so i have lately implement a new component to our Home Entertainment Systems installations, this HDMI switch that cost from $16 to $20 boxes is an excellent add to your system, this does not need an electrical outlet, but also it gives a 5 port connectivity and this is the coolest part of all, it’s automated which means that whatever you are trying to watch on your TV it will automatically detect and project it, the size the performance, connectivity, features and many option this product carry are why this is a must have at home, with some programing knowledge you can have up to 10 or 20 components running with $60 dollars, a systems this big can easily go up to $3000, for those who had this problem before, believe me this is the best you can get and the price is just unbeatable, i hope for many of you this had been of some help and please if any assistance is needed feel free to contact us at